Self-hypnosis and Social Well-Being event for the dissemination of the Erasmus+ project

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The event is free but requires reservations. The places available are limited.

Milan, December 3rd 2022, Starhotels Business Palace, via Privata Pietro Gaggia, 3 (from 6pm to 9pm)

Igor Vitale (Italy)

Igor Vitale is a Psychologist, International Speaker and Authors. Former External Lecturer in Masters at various Italian Universities (Lumsa, Padua, Tor Vergata), Igor Vitale was Key Expert for 55 Erasmus+ Projects in 25 Countries and 4 Continents in partnership with Universities, Ministries, Police Forces, Schools, Companies and Associations . He contributed to the drafting of the “Hypnosis Treaty” published by Cleup (Casiglia et al., 2015). In this event he will inform the participants of the benefits of self-hypnosis on society, for social well-being, emphasizing how important it is to rely on a psychologist in cases of difficulty.

Bella Shakhmirza (Russia)
Bella Shakhmirza is a freelance journalist and activist working in the field of ethnic minority rights and non-formal education since 2010. Shakhmirza started her Balapanlar summer camp for children in rural North Caucasus in 2017. And from 2022 runs its own independent UYA (nursery) center for teenagers in the Karachay-Cherkessia region. Bella Shakhmirza will inform the participants of how to foster social and cultural welfare for minorities. Bella Shakhmirza will present during the Milan event.

Yacine BERAL (France)

Yacine BERAL is Director of the French NGO Cercle Augustin d’Hippone, Manager of Skillslab21 small and medium enterprise, professor of economics and law at the Sorbonne University Paris Cité, during the event she will present the Erasmus+ project “School Program of the Children Wellbeing and outdoor learning”

The information event Self-Hypnosis and Social Wellbeing does not in any way represent training relating to typical acts of the psychologist. This event is purely informative and strongly supports the invitation to consult a psychologist. For psychological health issues, always seek specialist advice from a psychologist who can help you deal with your specific situation. The European Commission’s endorsement of the Erasmus+ project “School Program for the Children Wellbeing and Outdoor learning” does not imply a necessary adherence to its contents. The European Commission cannot be held responsible for the content of the same which is solely the work of the authors.

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